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Now that you have seen my website and what I can do, simply call me, talk through your ideas so I can discuss your  project with you in more detail.  Perhaps I could arrange a meeting with you at home, or on site, to discuss the design of your library, bookcase, study, bedroom furniture, wardrobes - whatever - (or  meet at some other convenient place in London if you live out of Town - and you did not want to pay my travel cost at such an early stage).

Discussing your project with me, most particularly on site, can help you enormously to sort out your ideas because I have had over 30 years, of in-depth experience, in designing (and making) bookcases for ever size of library and I may come up with the ideal solution for your own library or study - dressing room, wardrobes or bedroom furniture.

If you contact me by e-mail please put a clear header on it to prevent it going to Junk Mail!  and perhaps follow through with a phone call.

   Telephone: + 44 (0)20 7731 0583 - E-mail:

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