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A very simple traditional style of wardrobe designed with a bead surrounding the panelled doors and a quadrant in the recessed door panel, running from floor to ceiling and without a top cornice as truly fitted bedroom furniture.  This was Simon Spencer’s design to suit an English house built in the late 1920’s early ‘30’s.



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 A wardrobe designed to as “fitted bedroom furniture” on to the central wall of a room with double cupboards for storage above.  The internal arrangements give full length hanging and adjustable shelves with shoe rails below (click on image to see details).  There is an option for internal drawers instead of shelves.  The internal arrangements are entirely at customer’s option and choice and may be decided on commissioning the Simon Spencer design.


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Click on water colour below to view Simon Spencer’s design for these wardrobes and study area (this design would cost about 700.00).

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This run of wardrobes which included a desk area for a potential University entrant was specially designed by Simon Spencer to suit a working teenager’s demanding requirements for bedroom furniture.

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This image shows the newly installed bedroom furniture maximizing the space with the smaller wardrobe with a  working desk area etc. and a bookcase in the corner


Click the water colour below to view Simon Spencer’s design for these tall wardrobes (this design would have cost about 550.00).

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This run of wardrobes, designed by Simon Spencer to have full height doors from wall to wall, had it’s  own cornice.  This allowed space over the top to retain the full size of the room which would otherwise have appeared to be smaller than it already was.  Having full height, single doors, reduced the cost, as opposed to having a higher wardrobe with another set of high level cupboards with small doors above. An effective and thoughtful design for the bedroom furniture.


Click on the water colour below to view Simon Spencer’s design for these two wardrobes and internal lay out designs and plans (the full working design drawings for this bedroom furniture would cost about 600.00).

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These wardrobes replaced similar wardrobes but which were not quite deep enough nor quite high enough for full hanging in the window end as they had top cupboards over.  Simon Spencer was asked to redesign for new bedroom furniture for the client.  The internal fittings had a series of shirt drawers in the right hand side.  The builders ran a matching coving to the existing over the top to an upstand which had provided for the purpose and included in Simon Spencer’s design for this bedroom furniture.

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