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As is clearly shown, this very small study, or home office, was fitted into a corner of the “play room” adjacent to the main living area and kitchen with a kneehole and pencil drawer.  When the doors are folded back it is completely hidden from the dining table but is still very much part of the area.  Simon Spencer designed this to maximize space and privacy but to give a good home office with built in bookcases and work area from which to run the household adjacent to the kitchen.


This very large unit for computer and general storage in a study or home  office was designed by Simon Spencer for Thistle Joinery some years ago to be very minimal and “severely simple”  in its concept.


Simon Spencer designed the corner between the two wardrobes for this bedroom furniture to be converted into a study area with the built in bookcase, work surface and occasional drawers, so that work could be done at home for University, in the peace and quiet of the bedroom.

Click the water colour belwo to view Simon Spencer’s design for these two wardrobes and the study area (this design would have cost about 700.00).

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This was an emergency bedroom which Simon Spencer  designed to be converted into a computer room for a study home office (note the curved pilasters supporting the upper shelves of the built in bookcases, but allowing full use of the corner below for the work surface) and the custom built filing drawers to the right and occasional drawers to the left doubling as the bedside table for bedroom furniture.


This tiny single bedroom was converted into a study home office but with just enough space left available between the corner and the entrance for a single bed if required in the panelled corner with overhead light (or used for a deep comfortable arm chair for visitors as illustrated) Bedroom furniture at an extreme!

This clearly shows the detail of my carful and complex design for the client with the fluted upper pilasters, the head and base mouldings to the upper built in bookcases, the rebated lower pilasters, the knee hole with a pencil drawer above and the filing drawers to the right and occasional drawers to the left.  It also illustrated the curved pilasters supporting the lower bookcase shelf with the light baffle and clear working area which goes right into the corner for the occasional bed where this forms part of the bedroom furniture. 

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