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For over 25 years Simon Spencer designed and manufactured these products.  These were all made in MDF, by skilled employees, in a privately run factory.  None of these products were sub-contracted, imported nor made from hardwood (Simon Spencer still believes that to do so irreparably damages the environment).  All were unpainted, in “raw” MDF, for your painters to prepare and paint.  The customer (or their painter) has painted all the images designed by Simon Spencer which are illustrated, including those that appear to be made of wood, on his website.

The Standard Products (a throw back to Simon’s days as a manufacturer) are all free standing (but some illustrated have Optional Extras).  They are decoratively finished with details and mouldings, most have adjustable shelves on brassed pins and sockets, the doors have recessed panels, planted mouldings, are hung on solid brass hinges and fitted with magnetic catches, (handles were not supplied as these depend so much on personal preference).

These bookcases were supplied to order after discussing with the client on the phone their requirements. However, site visits and consultations incurred charges which still apply these charges are detailed in Simon Spencer Design’s Terms and Conditions

Major modifications used to be done to these Standard bookcases, however, these incurred a minimum charge of 75.00 (allowing about 150.00 -200.00 for these).  The man hr rate in 2006-7 was 40.00 (for works, travel or waiting).  A bespoke bookcase was often preferable to an alteration Standard Bookcase.

An access guide for the Standard Products (without the extra height for the large Standard Bookcase) was that they were all  designed by Simon Spencer to be in manageable sections, having been pre-assembled (not flat packet) and were properly, squarely and truly made. The same would apply should you ask me to design a similar bookcase.

Some of the models could have been ordered as “fitted” - where they were scribed to the wall and floor, instead of being placed as freestanding bookcases.  That had to be specified and agreed on ordering as they had to be made specially and provision made for sufficient materials for scribing.  The extra charge for this “fitting and scribing” was 400.00 prepaid with the order, for all and each of the Standard models to be so “fitted”.

There were often examples of Standard Products for inspection.  These are no longer available but Simon can replicate the design for you.  Alternatively, you could get in touch with me if they wanted to discuss designs for libraries, studies, bedroom wardrobes or dressing rooms.

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