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Linked Sites; e-mail and  Mail Addresses

I suggest, below, a few web sites or the e-mail, postal address of the firm/concern who has helped me in the past, whom I can personally recommend or with whom I have a close personal tie and whom I trust and who have integrity.  These listed below may help you if you are looking for their specialist services with some of whom I have exchanged site links.

For fine oriental art, which looks so great with our libraries, visit the web site of  Durlacher Fine Art  Natasha specializes in modern Vietnamese paintings of the highest quality. 
And for really imaginative and beautifully composed photography visit  Tim Hall where his exquisite and quite unusual portraits and photographs of the Far East, India, North African desert and other venues may be seen.

Lectures for Opera Lovers are organized by “Opera Prelude” which is a non profit making association run by a small group of opera lovers who are dedicated to furthering the careers of young professional singers. They organize  introductions to young opera singers who give discourses on their personal experiences and their understanding of opera.  Their short informal discussions on their training and their understanding of the music is your entrée into their world of hard work and their absolute dedication in their creation of truly sublime music.  It is an opportunity for you to have your eyes opened to the rigors of their training with practical and stunning illustrations of the various singing techniques used by them.  A very far cry from the immediacy of the ”X Factor”!! It is an illuminating experience for anyone who loves opera. Contact Opera Prelude for their schedule of lectures.  All proceeds are used for the benefit of the young singers in helping them to achieve their potential for your future appreciation.  You meet the young singers and share in the excitement of their ability and their future.

THE CHELSEA TILE COMPANY  020 7565 6516:  Contract fitters and suppliers of a wide variety of high quality tiles including a unique selection from Turkey and the Middle East. A family firm run by Mr James Hedley who gives a personal service with site visits offering experienced advice on installation, concept and design. They have a comrehensive website which explains fully their services and their wide range of choices.

or a comprehensive, specialist in luxury interiors, then make Katharine Pooley at 160 Walton Street London SW3 2JL +44(0) 0207 584 3223 -  your first choice.  Her selections are of highest quality, from very exclusive ranges for the house hold, luxury goods, gifts and Oriental jewellery.

Property renovations and structural alterations from extensions to loft conversions professionally managed by Jacquie Lund, Lund Limited, 55 Culmstock Road, London SW11 6LY +44 (0) 20 7223 0455 or e-mail to or presently an example of her work may be seen on see below for more info on homesources

World wide wines from Philip Bailey has spent over ten years working for well known London wine merchants and has set up a personal wine business for you or your business requirements.  He will give you service, advice and a wide choice of great and affordable wines from various worldwide sources which are always being brought up to date with his new discoveries at affordable prices either to lay down or ready to drink now.

An extensive selections of wines, may be found at Lea & Sandeman Ltd   Local for London at 170 Fulham Road SW10 phone 022 7244 0522;  their web site is kept up to date with monthly recommendations  Hic!

To find, in the very heart of the English countryside, an idyllic spot for your Wedding Reception or “Golden Anniversary Party” is the dream many of us have, especially for those of our friends from overseas.  I was lucky enough to be invited to Combe Manor .  The classically styled Georgian Manor house,  quintessentially English with a Norman Church and 300yr old barn.  It is simply “Old England” through and through.  Family run to the highest of  traditional British standards.   Call either David or Mary Russell on +44 (0)1488 668 229 for details.

This site has been set up to gather notes by householders engaged in home improvements and finding furniture.  It is useful site to source requirements with images of what can be done by the individual as well as the designer and furniture that is available.  Most sites on Homesources  have been found by the Web master or recommended to Homesources by others users.  

For rare antiquarian books or special editions contact John Townsend at The Old Hall Bookshop,  32 Market Place, Brackley Northants, NN13 5DP +44 (0)1280 704 146.  John Townsend can also advise on valuation of your library,  find those special second hand or new editions you are looking for.
James Max has a wealth of commercial experience and has a weekly column in the “Times on Line”.  He is happy to put his views to the world and they are very often refreshing and a real wake up call.  James does not pull punches and is not sycophantic.  Well worth the free subscription offered on his site!

 Manor Bindery  have supplied all our false book backs on cupboard doors etc.  They have personal  access to a fine, private, antiquarian library from which they have taken their own original book back mouldings.

or unusual items we go to Hafele U.K. on 01788 542 020. Flip back Hawa Hinges for instance for TV cupboards
Or if you live in the U.S.A. then Whitechapel Ltd in Jackson, Wyoming; they have a very extensive stock of fantastic brass ware.  Call them on 1-307-739-9478, we have been in touch with them too.

My wife used to work at Scott Aide on Chelsea Green (which we initially “shop fitted” 15 years or so ago for the owner) and then she worked there at the toy shop, which it later became.  During that period she got to know David and his early morning coffees (now, sadly, stopped) who helped Jane Asher in her cake shop. So from personal recommendation for really wonderful cakes of the very highest quality go to Jane Asher who designs and makes birthday, wedding and all kinds of celebration and special occasion cakes   - (and in really exceptional designs - golfing,  racing cars, etc. almost any theme) .  Jane Asher made them for our daughters wedding as well as for many of our friends.  We have no hesitation in recommending her wonderful skills if you are due a celebration of any kind.

We also helped design and fit out Jo Malone in their original shop in Walton Street about 12 years ago before they moved to 150 Sloane Street, London SW1X 9BX.  In our web site you will see their original shop which we were proud to help them with. They are now a well known brand and of the highest quality.

Clayton Munroe on 01803 865 700 have a fine range of Old English style of door furniture in brass ware and wrought iron  and A Touch of Brass (Web Link) and Whitechapel - above under Hardware.

Chesneys Antique Fireplace Warehouse to see an example in our panelled room or contact them on 020 7627 1410 or their web site at We have often fitted our bookcases after they  have installed the fireplaces and together they go well.

TimeWatch  If you have a business that has to track consultants time and their costs have a close look at  they have been writing programs for many years and have mastered the technique.

Firms in the London and home counties who are having problems with their PC LAN systems could have these sorted by Financial Tools.  Contact Marcel Myler (before 12.30 am) on 020 8995 2256 or e-mail him:- He is highly experienced, gives a unique, and very personal, service (sometime working throughout the night to provide trouble free server maintenance)  and offers annual maintenance contracts to which his exclusive and personal expertise is devoted.  He has kept my system and web site working since 1998.

Many of the cornices that are run on the ceiling, over these bookcases after they have been installed, have had the original copied and fitted by Butcher Plaster Specialist  At 8 Fitzroy Road Primrose Hill London NW1 8TX   Phone +44 020-7722 9771.  Mr Cowell is a very experienced craftsmen having been in the trade for many years. 
Alternatively London Fine Art Plaster  At Unit 3, Romeo Business Park, Juliet Way, Purfleet, Essex RM15 4DY +44 (0)1708 252 400  and on are also very experience and helpful.  I have worked with both firms very successfully and examples of their work are on this web site.

Winther Browne  supply hardwood radiator grills and fancy mouldings (see also below) you can contact them on: +44 (0) 20 8884 6000 and at   For  quality modern and Georgian style brass grills, handles and other brass work contact the Touch of Brass on +44 020 7351 2255 they are at 210 Fulham Road London SW10 9PJ (just east of the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital).

Winther Browne produce fine wood carvings and carved mouldings for contract use. Contact them on +44 020 8344 9050 or e-mail them on and “Wild Goose Carvings” are an old personal firm providing carved wood finials, mouldings and patrea contact them on their web site at:- However for really individual work though go to Sue Haynes  on 020 7226 4082 and she will carve specially for you.

Mr Resistor or Phone 020 8874 2234; Mr Resistor supplies one of the most extensive range of concealed bookcase lighting.  We think their Decolume lights are best and simplest for concealed shelf lighting behind wide pilasters  and are simple for the electrician to fit and if budget is not of importance then their state-of-the-art LED lights are the number one solution that you can buy for all over lighting within the bookcase, see examples of fluorescent up-lights for the ceiling to brighten the room, pilaster light down the sides of bookcase, tungsten filament lights for a soft down light and halogen down-lights for intense lighting.
Besselink Jones & Mile,  99 Walton St London SW3 2HH on +44 020 7584 0343 supply top quality light fittings to retail and trade customers many of which are ideal for our bookcases.
Vaughan Ltd G1, Chelsea Harbour Design Centre London SW10 0XE on +44 020 7731 6197 have not only a fine selection of light and lamps which also compliment our bookcases when fitted, but also furniture and soft furnishing.

The Victorian style taps  from C P Hart. ; are shown on the vanity unit.  Alternatively for a  modern, up to the minute and state of the art, bathroom, contemporary design fittings then Aston Matthews may be your choice, 141 Essex Road Islington N1 2SN on 020 7226 7220 for a brochure, or visit their web site at   They are the last word in bathroom fittings and designs.

The most enterprising concept to come to our notice will be found at Grand Stands World Wide plc.  An innovative concept of collapsable and transportable grandstand seats for the public exhibitions or shows. A thousand seats in an hour! - or not far off. Amazing idea; amazing concept.

Crabtree  has a fine reputation for hand built kitchens and has a wonderful product, on +44 020 8392 6955, they are at 17 Station Road, London, SW13. 
For Continental Styles, David Tindall Contracts Ltd design, supply and fit with the premiere kitchen appliances,  3 Square Rigger Row, Plantation Wharf, Battersea, London SW11 3TZ  phone them at +44 020 7223 2023. 

Moff Motors in Castle Cary, Somerset, 01963 350 310 is a long way for us but they are first class and well worth sending our fleet there for servicing and renewal.  They specialize in late, low mileage Fords   

Russell Simpson: a personal, well established Estate Agent in Chelsea, who specialize in Residential sales and lettings, Knightsbridge, Chelsea, Kensington and West London.  They can help with property purchases, or for a long business rent. Contact them on   or phone +44 (0)20 7225 0277 All of course before you buy your bookcases for your new apartment.

Diespeker, an old, well established firm (100 yr.) whom we use for our marble and granite work-tops  are excellent and have a very wide range of materials to choose from.

Annie Fryer Catering will organize all your parties for you and as an added bonus for our friends from the USA she is reputed to make the finest Chocolate Chip Cookies - brownies - in town.  I know - I have tried them. E-mail  on or phone 020 7351 4333 or leave a message on 020 7352 7693

New Baby Company provides professional, practical, personal advice for Mothers and Mothers to be.  A very personal, London based organization to help you cope with the most important and exciting event of your life.  Contact them on or get full details here, from their web site.

Click here for a link to free trial of software from Audiograbber to enable you to down-load/record music on your PC. 
For keyboard lessons on line or at home with Marycliff’s  CD go to their web site at  and learn to play the keyboard.

Hedleys Humpers  +44 (0)20 8965 8733 have offices in London, Paris and New York.  They pack and ship to most places so if you want something carefully and properly shipped, contact them to see if then can ship it to your required destination.

For painting our bookcases here are some useful contacts:- Annie Sloan , is one of the most highly recommended, experienced and up-to-date decorative paint experts who has written a number of books  : her paints and books can be obtained from Relics of Witney  (+44 01993 704 61).  Paint Magic and Jacasta Innes have also published excellent books on how to paint decoratively +44 020 8960 9960.
However, for good paint outlets in London try Leyland Paints, who have branches throughout London with helpful staff  +44 020 7405 8985.
Or “Papers and Paints”  at 4 Park Walk London SW10 +44 020 7352 8626, they will give you personal advice when you buy your paint which is particularly valuable as they are also the specialist in the use of paint / and colours in historic buildings and in advising on, and supplying for, contemporary situations. 
Spray Painting can be undertaken by Paintworks 44 020 7708 1100 or on  when they get their site up and running shortly.  See also our page on Painting Tips

Xtal Security Systems (website is presently under construction) are suppliers of alarm systems.  They are a small very personal firm who pay attention to detail, give an individual, efficient service at a reasonable cost.  Contact them on 020 8877 9801 for details, see them at   or e-mail to .  Their address is 191 Replingham Road, Southfields, London SW18 5LY and talk to Mr Michael Wadham.  Xtal belongs to a UKAS accredited Inspectorate being a member of SSAIB.

Norman Adams had one of the finest antique shops in London but has sadly closed after nearly 100 yrs of trading.  Stewart Whittington of 109 Beaufort Street, London SW3 6BA tel: 020 7352 2593, the former managing director and of great experience, is on call for advice on, and location of, special 18th Century bookcases and furniture for you

Purple and Fine Linen Ltd,  run by an Irish lady, have a reputation for the highest quality - finest linen from Ireland. They will arrange to make the linen to suit your own sizes; tables, beds, whatever.  Woven to customer’s requirements.  Visit their web site, or write to them at Purple & Fine Linen, Faberhouse Online Ltd, Faber House, Ibstone, Bucks HP14 3XT, or phone on 01491 638 231

As a suggestion one of the following sites may be of help in finding what you want:- or under “occasional furniture” or perhaps alternatively a Google search under “library steps furniture” can give useful leads.  Good luck!

If you have an interest in motor bikes check out this site it may give you info and leads.

Alistair Erskine is one of the Master Decorative Painters who has painted some of these bookcases and studies after installation  He can achieve extremely high standards in faux bois, trompe l’oeil, marbling and almost all other paint finishes. Mobile: 07801 395309   Home: 01264 361764

Modern Sofa If you are looking for a stylish, modern sofa, look no further than rezon8 living.  Choose any style, colour and shape at rezon8 living, where the modern sofa  has made its way into the 21st Century.

Interior Design School Sheffield School of Interior Design is a completely unique interactive distance learning course in interior design and decorating.

Built by us using NetFusion and the images were all created with the Polyview program.  Polyview is a fantastic program which reduces the size of images for the web and files them where you want them as they are converted.  Simple and very worth while the small down load charge of about £20.00 (no annual on going charges either!).

Please do let me know if any of the above recommendations are not up to scratch or if the links fail to work.  This will enable us to keep up to date.

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