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These are two two images of the same sideboard, which Simon Spencer was commissioned to design to take and store the china, glass and cutlery etc. for the dining area in a small London flat and to compliment his designed bookcases in the study which were previously supplied.


This sideboard was fitted into a small modern flat to give the additional storage space needed in their new dinging room for the china and cutlery.

Here Simon Spencer designed the joining section as a sideboard between the two side alcove bookcases in the reception room with this narrow run of cupboards. This formed a useful side board over which there is a display area and upon which lights and other items may be placed. 


This sideboard is typical of many similar ones Simon Spencer has designed for additional storage when he was asked to design the alcove bookcases.  It left his client free to hang pictures or TV screens on the chimney breast above.


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These two sideboards were designed to a commission to take the china, glass and cutlery for the dining-room and were designed in the slightly oriental style requested by the customer.


Simon Spencer initially made the small side board above to run between two doors in a dining room.  Then, some years later, the occupants moved and asked him to design and make another similar side board for their new dining room, but this time with extra cupboards and drawers.  His design enabled his client to display paintings and china, light the room and store drinks, glasses, cutlery and their dinner service.  The difference in shades of paint colours is due to day light on the small side board and the camera flash light on the larger one illustrated above the smaller one.

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