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Click water colour below to view Simon Spencer’s abbreviated design for this panelled room (fully detailed, scaled working design drawings cost about 1,700.00).

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Simon Spencer took a great deal of time and care in planning and designing the panelling for this room.  Not only had the door and windows to be taken into account, but also the fireplace.  In his design he chose some common denominator panels which he used to balance the overall design and the result is the traditional approach where the space is not simply split equally but were some panels are replicated elsewhere in the room to give continuity and balance throughout.


Simon Spencer’s design and planning included the returned, fluted pilasters in the corners, the top beads and the base pediments that they stand upon.  The new radiators were  ordered and fitted to his design to suit the dado and panel heights and to suit the arrangement of the corner pilaster; the fireplace mantle shelf had to be built away from the wall so that the decorative dado rail could fall on it without breaking the vertical lines.


A traditional style of panelling with radiator cases and fluted corner pilasters.
 Made in MDF with a hand painted finish.


The image to the right clearly illustrated the depth of architrave around the fireplace required to carry the dado rail when it is to incorporate panels and these are to be added to the existing building work (as opposed to having the plaster work to the walls etc done after the panels are installed and so reducing the depth of the dado rail).  This panelling continued around the room at the dado rail height.

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