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Is one of “Creating Value”.  I have forged this over a period of 25 years.  This value creation extends from my customers, to include my products and producers.  But my customers are paramount for it is for them that I must create and deliver superior lasting value in real terms.  However, my customers also understand that my work is not driven to the lowest denominator.  My prices are sequential to this shared value creation for all the parities.

My customers look beyond the common measurement of the price.  They first consider the other benchmarks of value: attention to their requirements, effective solutions, unique designs,  personal commitment, reliability and Simon’s long standing reputation;  these are their first criteria, price is secondary.

People who judge me just on price are not often my customers.  My customers first understand my designs.  Then they consider the cost.  If everyone did decide on price alone then there would be nothing of top quality.  (For instance one doesn’t call a car dealer and decide on merely the price.  One first considers the make and model - then the price).  Top quality products and designs have a continued commitment to these benchmarks of value ensuring that they continue amongst the first choice of customers in spite of their higher prices.

When my customers have compared offers by other sources (if and when a real comparison does exist); Simon’s designs and drawings are unique so comparison is not a matter of comparing prices, they then appreciate that Simon will create the design of the highest value for them (i.e. Simon’s design could create a product which could be an asset with added long term value.  The other designs on offer, all too  often, may not!)

The bookcases, studies, libraries, wardrobes bedroom furniture etc. by Simon Spencer Designs are not like cloths, cars, food or holidays, because they don’t wear out, don’t get eaten an don't evaporate with time.  They are not “consumer items”.  These designs are for the long term. For Life.  They are a lasting part of his customer’s lives, and so very often turn out to be a real investment in their property.

The acid test of our success is not just based on customer satisfaction but higher than that, it is on “Customer Loyalty”.  Simon is so very pleased that over the years many of his old customers have returned, some many times.  These customers are the true judges of his designs; they understand his ideals and appreciate his designs.

I am sure that my site gives sufficient examples of my unique designs, the quality of the end products; these are the essence of my value creation.

So if you consider that Simon Spencer Designs are suitable then I shall be very happy to discuss your projects with you.

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