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MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard) is an environmentally friendly way of using timber. It is produced from quick growing pine woodlands which are regularly replenished that take between 15 and 40 years to mature.  These woodland and forests are world wide as well as within the British Isles.  This timber absorbs carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to grow and so reducing the CO2 locking it into the carbon of the timber (charcoal) and gives off valuable Oxygen as a natural by product when growing.  This MDF is the product of which Simon Spencer Designs fully endorses and which he encourages manufacturers to use.  All works on this site were made from MDF.

The Bookcases, Studies, Libraries, Wardrobes, Bedroom Furniture etc.  the whole works illustrated on the web site are all made of MDF - none are made from tropical hardwoods. Simon passionately believe that by using tropical hardwoods from the rain forests (such as mahogany), which usually take over 200 years to mature, we destroy the environment.  Even when they purport to being from “properly managed” forests, vast amounts are still smuggled through by corrupt regimes and politicians to which a commercial blind eye is turned. Simon does not support that market AT ALL, and this includes the materials veneered with exotic timbers.  So many designers and manufactures prefer to ignore its true origin - that of tropical hardwoods! (However, this does not include, properly managed, home grown hardwoods - oak, beech, cherry etc.)

If you, like us, believe that it is not necessary to use the tropical rain forest’s hardwoods then boycott those that supply goods using them.  Why endanger the world when one can benefit the environment and make fantastic things from MDF?

Note: When ever possible we always use the top grade of MDF produced by Medite (a subsidiary of Weyerhaeuser).  One of the most reputable suppliers are James Latham who provide MDF to the following specifications for (internal use):- Medite Medium Density Fibreboard CPD Compliant EN 13986 Internal Dry Non-Structural EN622-5 FSC:TT-COC-1089 60%  (humid conditions or external use would be specified by Lathams).  The parent company for Medite is Weyerhaeuser whose very extensive and informative web site explains the product, where and how it is made, where the forests are grown, and how the forests are regenerated through their careful husbandry and how they sustain the environment with their forestry plans click and see their web site for their policy on practicing sustainable forestry.

With policies like these you can see why Simon Spencer likes manufacturers to use properly managed forestry for mdf in preference to the tropical forests which are purported to be managed but which, as we all know, are being destroyed at an alarming rate.

With the exception of a few softwood mouldings, all the illustrated, bookcases, libraries, studies, wardrobes etc. on this site are made from MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard). Usually with a decorative cornice, moldings, side paneling, fluted pilasters and adjustable shelves on brassed pins and sockets.

The doors illustrated normally have recessed panels with moldings and are hung on solid brass hinges (as used in the last 200 years by English craftsmen) with magnetic catches (handles are not often supplied as these depend on personal preference).  These are the standard principles for all the bookcases, libraries, studies and wardrobes shown on this site.