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I here suggest high quality lights from the Catalogue of Vaughan Ltd, some of which maybe suitable for your bookcases.  I may be able to incorporate these in your designs provided the width of the pilasters etc are agreed at our initial meeting and they are wide enough to take the light of your choice.  If a suitable light is suggested then you buy direct from Messrs Vaughan Ltd for fitting by your electrician.  Please check with Vaughan Ltd that they are available and confirm size (width and height overall) of the base plate (or back) which your electrician will fit the bookcase pilaster or panel-works.  These illustrations are for guidance and  as suggestions only.  I understand that they may be supplied in a variety of finishes.

avwl02 270

VWL 02

avwl22 270

VWL 22

avwl24 270

VWL 24

avwl31 270

VWL 31

avwl36 270

VWL 36

avwl38.2 270

VWL 38/2

avwl54.2 270

VWL 54

avwl25 270

VWL 25

avwl11 270

VWL 11

avwl33 270

VWL 33

avwl35.1.c 270

VWL 35/Chrome

avwl44.2 270

VWL 44/2

avwl45.1.c 270

VWL 45/1/Chrome

avwl55 270

VWL 55

avwl57 270

VWL 57

avwl01 270

VWL 01

avwl27 270
avwl14 270

VWL 14

VWL 72

avwl21 270

VWL 21

avwl35.2.dr 270

VWL 35/2/DR

avwl37.2 270

VWL 37/2

avwl45.2 270

VWL 45/2

avwl56.2 270

VWL 56/2

For details on sizes and prices contact the supplier:-

Vaughan Limited

G.I. Chelsea Design Centre,  Chelsea Harbour  London SW10 0XE
020 7349 4600

15 Rue du Mail,  Paris 75002
01 40 26 50 11

New York
D & D Building - Suite 914,  979 Third Avenue,  New York,   NY 10022
212 319 7070

crun 100p06