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Simon Spencer’s design for a built in library is exquisitely finish in subtle gilt and coppered verdigris, to a very high standard. (see detail by clicking on the image)

Simon Spencer’s design for a Classical library bookcases in an early Victorian  London House.
 Made in MDF hand painted finish.

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These are excellent examples of Simon Spencer’s design ability in achieving the best results for fitted furniture and corner book cases built in to the recess of this room.


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Simon Spencer’s design for the  mdf panelling extending down to include the fire place and flanking the arched picture recess above. With a little imagination this could be a design by Simon for your hand painted wood library bookcases.  Using Simon’s designs with mdf for built in wood style bookcases such as these.

 Minimalist contemporary library book cases designed for a Dining Room, again as fitted furniture, in a modern style using Simon’s designs to compliment the table.


Illustrations of Simon Spencer’s mdf panelled room and built in bookcases with cupboards and panelling, shown here to include a door, fire place and display, designed by Simon all to be built in all as fitted furniture to the specific requirements of the customer.

Simon Spencer’s own designs for built in bookcases comprised the basis for this library with book cases and panelling beautifully completed in a decorative faux bois paint finish


The doorway illustrated, between the two built in bookcases, did not originally exist.  There is a further example of the other side  of the door designed by Simon Spencer is illustrated - click here to see it.


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An alcove with a built in corner book case in which the TV is kept.  Simon designed a matching radiator case to the left under the window to continue the theme.


In this design by Simon Spencer for a library book case continue over the door and into the chimney breast alcove, he designed it to divide a large room into two with a library on the one side of the built in bookcases and a sitting room on the other, reverse side (not shown).  Simon designed the doors (laminated mdf) in a style to match the Georgian building and allowed the other to be finished by the builders, to apply plaster board and plaster to the ground works - the back of the bookcases shown on either side of the doors.  This design by Simon was an economical solution to a building problem that could have cost a great deal had the builders been involved earlier requiring duplication of works.

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