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Lights were fitted to the pilasters on either side of the bookcase which also shows power points fitted to our back, fluted upper pilasters and base, rebated lower pilasters and fielded door panel.


 Simon designed to have a fitted up-stand to this built in bookcase with builders cornice run after installation.  Shown with fluted pilasters, pilaster head mouldings and square rebated head and cornice facia, all of which Simon designed for the customer. This makes it look properly designed and as if it were part of the original Georgian design for the building work.


 The returned cornice head with patrea, dentil moulding, fluted pilasters and side panels in Simon’s design for this free standing bookcase.


 Simon’s design details for Chinese style hand made surface mounted hinges with oriental style of door relief and cornice facia based on the traditional water fall motif below.


Simon designs these cornice returns over the built-in bookcase to fit perfectly onto the chimney breast within the double break of the breast, just below the double returned room’s cornice.


Simon usually includes in his designs shelf pins which are counter sunk, into the under side of the built in bookcase shelves.  Also illustrated are the sockets which have been over painted and are less visible. With the rebated side pilaster and shelf moulded on the face edge to match.  Shelf pins are not usually counter sunk in cupboards because, to replicate the shelves requires an original shelf to copy.


Simon designed reeded pilasters (not fluted) at the bookcase sides and the cornice returned to the chimney breast.  With a typically Georgian round bulls eye at the top.


Square simple mouldings with “cylinders” at the pilaster heads which have tapered spaces to balance running their full length, with square plain lower pilasters and waist-top moulding on these specially designed bookcases by Simon were to replicate existing furniture.


The cornice, pilasters and general style of this bookcase was to echo the post-modern burnished steel, continental furniture.  Totally different to Simon’s traditional and classical styles of designs. This helps to illustrate Simon’s versatile design abilities, which he is always very happy to exercise for you in the design of your bookcases or libraries.

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