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These details shows how Simon Spencer’s designs for built in bookcase cornices run over the chimney breast or adjoin at different levels.


This detail shows how Simon Spencer’s designs have the adjustable shelves supported on recessed banjo pins and fitted sockets with moulded front shelf edges.


Simon Spencer’s design shows the balance between the top cornice and the lower stepped cornice is illustrated with the lower cornice falling onto the upper cornice facia and the whole supported by the head bead on the pilaster head mouldings.  The rebated upper pilasters show the balance between the larger front pilaster and the smaller back pilaster in particular white book case.


This detail shows how my design for a built in book cases may have the builders cornice for the room run across the top to link it into the fabric of the room.


Above, fluted upper pilasters, rebated lower pilaster, panelled doors with fielded panels, panelled side returns  and below the detailed base moulding to Simon Spencer’s design for upper fluted pilasters  which are all options in my designs for your libraries.


The builders cornice ran over the top of the library bookshelves and was run after installation to an upstand provided specifically for it.  The wide pilasters with five flutes and surmounted by a square motif with fluted cornice facia is clearly shown.  In the upper section the side panels to the book cases and the under panel work to the over head bookcase across the door opening is also shown.  The over door shelves had their own small fluted pilaster.  The returned corner with the double pilaster on the return and the detail at the top illustrates Simon Spencer’s design solution for the corners.


Drawers for CDs, DVD, Videos etc in the cupboard under the TV


In this Library, I designed and fitted open drawers for CDs in the cupboard under with the TV and built in corner book shelves above.

Decorative cornice over fluted pilasters with pilaster head moulding, with returned breaks and a bookcase over doorway with side and overhead panel work.  Shelf socket and recessed support pins under the shelves can also be seen.

This details shows how Simon Spencer’s design for his fitted book cases may run over the door and how Simon Spencer overcame the difference in book shelf depth but still retained the detail of the whole design.


The detail to the left shows Simon Spencer’s “recessed design”  for a sofa space, side light provided by the customer and overhead light behind the light baffle with Simon Spencer’s usual design for a panelled finishing and, above the book shelf running over the doorway, with panelling on the sides and overhead and fluted pilasters with head and base mouldings forming part of the design for the work


This detail also shows how Simon Spencer’s design for a built in book cases may have the builders cornice run across the top to link it into the fabric of the rest of the room.

The builders cornice was run over the book case, after installation with recessed fluted pilasters, bulls eye base and heads with additional circular motif doors hung on traditional brass butts (hinges) with recessed panels, panel bead and central fielded panels with meeting bead on the door opening.


These design details shows how Simon Spencer’s designs can include recessed flutes with bulls-eye roundels to finish, also showing the doors with recessed fielded panels.


Bulls eye motif at the base of the recessed fluted pilasters with fielded panelled doors and double skirting to account for the polished floor  and above showing the design for the waist-top moulding in detail.

My design for the style of this book case in a postmodern flavour with the crossed motif and central disc on the doors, recessed and beaded panels on the facia and the minimalist square finishes to the cornice and waist-top moulding was in response to my clients request. 


Details of Simon Spencer’s design for a built in book shelves with recessed  panels and decorative door and pilaster mouldings with very simple clean finishes. 

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