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Bought in applied moulding with a twisted spiral and rosette.  Sometimes the use of these help to enhance the design and atmosphere of the work particularly if of gilded brass or similar metal or if specifically carved or turned for Simon Spencer to enhance his design for the bookcases.


A simple cornice run to a central oriental style curved peak and apex tip with a bead running round the shelf opening and down the pilaster or central divider. This was for shop-fittings but may apply equally to Simon Spencer’s design of your bookcase.


Internal wardrobe and bookcase cupboard shelves, showing the shelf sockets with the pins supporting the shelves but without any cut out recessed sections for the pins to conceal them.  This facilitates shelf replication without the need for a sample shelf.  The traditional brass butts (hinges) which Simon Spencer Designs usually specify are clearly show.  The shelf edge mouldings and the inside of the door with a recessed panel and traditional bead (not flushed through unless required or of minimalist style).  The magnetic door catches can be seen inside the cupboard at the top of the closing door edge.  The pilasters from which the doors are hung and hinges fixed are beaded both sides.

These details of our designs during and after installation, shows how they were before painting with the brassed hanging rail, magnetic door catches, solid brass hinges and brassed shelf support pins (which are never recessed into the shelves in cupboards) and how they looked after painting.

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