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The corner stone of a civilized society is to have the opportunity and the ability to learn from other people’s experiences.  Television, computers and other media, which are stuffing news bites into us don’t help us to create a proper assessment of our society, nor develop a mature, independent line of thinking.

With books, however,  we are able to select and learn at our own pace.  We are able, gradually, to put together the ideals of greater men and women from whom we can arrive at our own personal principals, values and opinions. 

An individual’s Library is the backbone of that persons thinking.  I believe that books are of great importance to each one of us, as well as to society as a whole, so that we can stimulate our own avenue of thought free from the domination of the Media editors, religious zealots, politicians with their lies and spin, ideological dogma and untruths. 

Books are your library, your essential thoughts and an expression of your personality.  Your library is something vital to look after.  So give it pride of place at home and have me design the appropriate bookcase for you.


A truly classically styled, free standing bookcase

crun 100p06