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In this illustration of fitted alcove, built in book/display cases we also designed the bookcases to continue on the other side of the wall in to the next room (see below).  The use of up lights from Mr Resistor lit the room well.

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These two built in bookcases were fitted either side of the double folding doors over which ran our cornice, broken pediment with an urn.  These make a traditional design for the classic style of fitted furniture for books and ornaments.


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Built in alcove bookcase / display units  recessed into the alcoves, the builders ran the cornice after our installation and the decorative painter, painted the faux bois panelling for an oak bookcase finish.  All made of MDF and all as fitted furniture


In this illustration of another fitted alcove book cases we designed the built in bookcases to fit to the ceiling where the builders continued their cornice across the top.  There were also lights fitted on to the pilasters.


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These built in white book cases were fitted into the alcoves before the builders ran their cornice across the top.  A very complete finish to the work.


These two alcoves with the built in corner bookcases and central mirror  were designed to compliment the paintings and to lend an Oriental or Chinese atmosphere to the room


In this pair of fitted breakfront  bookcases on  either side of the fireplace (below) suited the very wide, dissimilar alcoves and allowed for the bookcases to be fitted as opposed to freestanding with deep central cupboards which could take a small TV within.


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In this pair of fitted breakfront built in book cases (above) on  either side of the fireplace were designed to look similar but the right  side was considerably wider than the left side so that the more expensive option,  of having the bookshelves built in, helped to disguise the imbalance which would have been emphasized if they were freestanding.


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In this pair of built in white bookcases fitted either side of the fireplace we have used our experience to match up the 1920’s style of architecture and fireplace with our own designs for the doors, pilasters and cornice.  (See Details).

Click the water colour painting below to view Simon’s design for this alcove image (design cost 450.00) for the  pair.

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This alcove bookcase (above right) was designed to fit into the right side of the two alcoves (other bookcase not illustrated) in a modern development in Kensington where the traditional styles were mixed with modern. It is a typical example of our bookcase designs as furniture to be part of the completed room.

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