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Hello! And welcome to my website.  We hope you find it user friendly and are able to use some of the interactive links, do let me know how you get on. 


Simon Spencer has designed and manufactured all of these examples. Simon started designing and manufacturing in 1980 and since then he has specialised in both free standing and fitted bookcases, libraries, home offices or studies, bedroom furniture and wardrobes for bedrooms and dressing rooms.  Simon formerly designed for Thistle Joinery so he really does know what it is all about.

The examples of the designs of bookcases, libraries, studies bedroom furniture etc. shown in these web pages are only a few Simon designed. He has personally designed or drawn every single one of these bookcases as well as thousands of others.   All individually inspired by working with his customer to create the style they want.

Simon still designs from the heart and with the eye, as this is the way to stimulate a natural, creative and individual flow of ideas.

Simon will do his utmost to honour commitments and to give satisfaction. Simon has been designing for over 30 years.  If Simon works with you then you get more than just the design, you get him, which is a very special and personal service.

Simon is for ever indebted to his former customers whose examples are shown here.  He respects their privacy so no identities;  but all are genuinely his designs. Stealing photos and designs on the Net is easy.  So if you see our images on another site please send an e-mail. (We can substantiate every single one of our designs shown here with the original drawing). 

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